Cloud Solutions Services

Over the past couple of years the “Cloud” has gathered a lot of momentum in the Business World.  Today Cloud Solutions are very secure and robust, generally offering 99.99% availability. Many different types of Solutions exist in the Cloud today from Email, Word Processing, Storage & Backups to Enterprise Level CRM (Customer Relationship Manager), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), Accounting and Book-keeping and even Telephony, where your Phone System is hosted in Cloud. If you are interested in any Cloud Solution contact Echo IT and we can advised you on the best approach.


Echo IT provides Cloud based Backup Solutions to our Clients using  two secure data centres in Dublin and Portlaoise. With a Cloud based Backup Solution there is no requirement to manage Backup Tapes and Storage Servers on site, or worry about Rotation & Retention Policies.

Key Features

  • Backup Happens automatically
  • Stored in secure data warehouse (in Ireland)
  • Encrypted & totally secure
  • You own & can access the data 24/7
  • Data recovery is fast and efficient
  • Restore critical data quickly to any location
  • Compliant with Data Protection Act.

Email & Collaboration

With Google Apps or Microsoft 365 you can manage all your Email and Documents securely in the Cloud. These can then be accessed from any PC, Laptop, Mobile Phone that is connect to the Internet from anywhere in the world. Traditionally businesses would have paid large costs for on-site Email & File Servers and large License Fees for Software such Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes or Microsoft Office. Today you can have the same service without any Hardware or large upfront costs. For modest monthly fees you can have a Fully Functional Email and Collaboration System up and running in days as apposed to weeks. For further Information on Cloud Services contact Echo IT on 06756888 or by email at Click here to submit contact details

Microsoft Exchange

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, Echo IT has the expertise to implement the award winning Microsoft Exchange software in your business. Microsoft Exchange business email helps increase user productivity while protecting your organization’s data. Get it as a hosted service or run it on your servers.

Work smarter, anywhere

Get business email and increase productivity, while keeping your organization safe:
  • Enjoy bigger and more reliable mailboxes
  • Do more, on any device
  • Protect sensitive data

To find out what Exchange can do for your business, contact Echo IT on 06756888 or email us at

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