Providing Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Service to Irish Businesses since 2001


Disaster Recovery & Business Continunity

Data backups and restores integrate to form part of your Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan. Echo IT has been providing business data backup and business continuity and disaster recovery solutions for 20 years.

Data Backups and Restores

You chose how often the replication of your systems are backed up to ensure business continuity. These swap over are tested regularly to ensure practicality.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Your plan will dictate what you do when disaster strikes. Consider Fire, Flood, no access to your building, Ransomware attacks or malicious activity involving your data. These situations are disastrous to your productivity and the solution will be access to your data in the cloud.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Our Plans

Our plans mean that you can access your business data and business applications with a laptop and internet connection through a secure VPN tunnel. That allows you to move your essential workforce to a new location within hours as opposed to days/weeks.

Business Continuity

Often involves a separate server either at another physical location on your premises or a cloud hosted server that will facilitate swapping over to alternate source of management for your PC’s, Laptops without you even noticing. It is a simple as that once the infrastructure is in place.

First things first means that a cloud backup of your data is the minimum requirement to keep your business safe with the ever-changing landscape of cybercrime and Ransomware. There is no silver bullet when it comes handling cybercrime but the essential cloud backup will save your business. Understanding what to do when an attack happens needs to be the approach.

We can put strong measures in place which reduce the likelihood of you been hit but there is always the element of human error which can happen to anyone and usually occurs when owners or managers are catching up on admin work or trawling through emails. Employee training is an essential part of our plan.

We must also ask ourselves as business owners how long we can be without our data. This is key in developing a business continuity and disaster recovery strategy. This will dictate your recovery options and your budget.

We have the experience and expertise to help you devise a business continuity plan. We partner with all the top brands and suppliers to provide you with this 24/7/365 service.