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Echo IT is a multiple award winning technology company that has been providing IT services to schools for over 14 years. We have a strong staff including 12 service engineers with specialized skills and experience.

Our dedicated ISP department provides wired and wireless broadband to internet users across Ireland giving us specific experience in managing networks without been tied to any one vendor. We perform wireless analysis for businesses, schools and government bodies allowing the customer to get an understanding of what is needed to provide internet to users within an organisation. This is recommended prior to installing any wireless network.

More than ever security is an issue for every internet user. The primary threat is the compromising of people’s data by cyber software known as Ransom Ware.  It is the number one threat to business and government and has now made its way into education. The solution is to manage your local and online backups because there is no 100% safe, preventive cure in attempting to stop this kind of malicious software.

  • WiFi in Schools – In our experience, most schools have inadequate Wireless Coverage that is difficult to manage, wasting time and money. The challenge for every organisation is to have a stable, secure network that can be centrally managed with remote administration. Stability of a wireless network in a school is a key factor in measuring its usefulness. The system must be capable of handling multiple connections and providing a speedy end user experience accessing data.We now install wireless networks using power over Ethernet which eliminates the need for new electrical wiring and allows the units to be wall or ceiling mounted for increased coverage (plus out of reach of small hands!).
  • Data Back-up – Data Backup is a must have for all organisations. The NCTE have indicated this in their outlines for education also. We are experiencing more and more cases of groups having their data compromised by Cyber Software known as Ransom Ware. It has moved from business and government into education. The outcome for an organisation being hit is that their data gets encrypted and they find themselves having to rebuild their information systems or pay a ransom to the nominated party. This affects your data, accounts, word, excel, emails etc.Neither law nor security companies have any 100% solution to this scenario. Its causes a great level of distress and the cost and disruption can be extensive. The best-case scenario is that you have a comprehensive backup in place that allows you to revert to a very recent setup. The only way to ensure you will have a working backup is to put a local and online system in place. This is not expensive and will save a huge amount of time, effort and costs should the situation arise.
  • Software – Every school uses Microsoft software and is entitled to great discounts in obtaining Windows operating systems along all with Office 365 Products including cloud.  As Microsoft partners, we install, configure and maintain all of their products.

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Download our latest brochure: ICT Guide for schools 2017