The Inside Scoop on Echo IT

I recently started working for Echo I.T. and while I’m still relatively new to the job I felt now was the perfect time to capitalise on my unique position of being able to view the company from an external standpoint but also have an insight into its inner workings. Having worked in the technology sector for over a decade I have experienced many facets of the IT industry. I have seen it from all angles whether it be technical support, broadband support, software or hardware but never have I seen a company that covers all aspects of IT support. Can it be done? Can a company successfully straddle all the elements that make up the I.T. support industry and do so successfully? The honest answer, I’m glad to say, is yes.

Whether you wish to have your lines installed in an office space and wish to have your service maintained by us; you require installation and support for the broadband service; over-the-phone support for technical and software issues; hardware support for your devices or buying fantastic products at reasonable prices, Echo IT offers it all. Some might wonder how this framework can succeed and query how you’re not spreading yourself too thin but I can assure you that it works and it does so in a friendly, professional and expert manner which makes you wonder why more businesses in the I.T. realm haven’t adopted the same idea.

The great advantage to Echo IT and I have seen this first hand is that you need never be stuck. If you buy a computer from us and an issue arises – drop it back in and we’ll happily investigate the issue. If there is an issue with an installation we’re happy to call out and fix it. If your broadband is down, we can help over the phone and call to your premises if required. All your technical needs are met and catered for under one roof. This approach is quite unique in technological circles. What I have noticed with other providers is that a lot of their on-site repairs are outsourced to other companies which can often lead to crossed wires, much confusion and passing the buck. Avoiding this type of scenario is just one of the key advantages of the Echo IT framework.

So how has my bedding in period been? Friendly and helpful staff, a dynamic and forward thinking philosophy and a great service that you can be confident in recommending. I’m just sorry that I didn’t start working here years ago.