Data Loss – Essential Tips on How to Avoid it


The recent inclement weather conditions have highlighted the importance of keeping your data safe. Disaster can strike and your data can be wiped much more easily than you might think. Whether it be a virus, flood, fire or simply an administration error, losing your data can be detrimental to a business. This is why data backup and disaster recovery is so important. Many businesses still go without backup and recovery but here are some reasons why it’s a must.

  1. Cyber Attacks

A recent investigation found that 43% of all cyber attacks occurred on small businesses. Hackers could attempt an attack on any business at any time and the reasons can vary from wanting to acquire sensitive data to fulfilling a vendetta or simply because they feel they can.

2. Data Loss

Data loss is not always the direct result of a flood or fire (like most people tend to think). Over half of all data loss incidents are the result of human error or hardware malfunctions — both of which are hard to prevent. In other words, data is incredibly easy to lose, and there are a variety of “everyday” situations that can make this happen.

3. Downtime

When you lose data, one thing is certain: downtime. Without your data, it can be very difficult for employees to work. Imagine how difficult it would be to work without your mission-critical business applications or how much harder it would be to handle clients if you don’t have any contact information or account status. If you don’t have a recovery solution, then your restoration efforts will become rebuilding efforts, starting all over again to recreate whatever was lost.  

4. Reputation

What would be the implications of losing a customers irreplaceable data? How difficult would it be to explain this to your clients? Would you be embarrassed? Most likely. And how exactly do you think your clients would feel? The average consumer now expects the information they want to access to be available whenever it is convenient for them.  This means that if your organization is facing infrastructure issues and cannot get up and running in a timely fashion, these anxious customers could jump ship to a competitor. Every business out there is susceptible to an IT disaster, and the only way to ensure that your business mitigates its interruptions is to have a fast recovery due to a well-crafted backup and disaster recovery plan. Too many businesses are ill-prepared for when an IT disaster strikes.

Here at Echo IT we understand the importance of backing up your data and how vital it is to be able to recover that data if  the worst was to happen. We can offer a service that will ensure that your information is safe both on and off site. We have specific procedures in place that ensure the safe storage of your data. If you have lost your data or think you might have, it is wise to quickly identify that there is a problem and not do anything further that may exacerbate the issue. We have successfully recovered data from all operating systems and server types and would be delighted to assist you in backing up and/or restoring your essential data.

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