Apple recalls MacBook Air 2018 due to problems with the motherboard

Based on the publication of MacRumors an internal document of Apple Store employees and authorized resellers and premium resellers appeared. According to that, in a very small number of MacBook Air 2018 an unnamed problem with the motherboard found. It is not known what exactly the symptoms and problems may arise among users of these laptops.

All “Air” buyers with such a problem will receive an email from Apple. It will tell you about a possible breakdown and offer to contact an authorized service center, where they will replace the motherboard for free.

The publication emphasizes that the replacement of the motherboard for such a program will last four years. During this time, users will be able to contact the company and replace the motherboard for free. In this case, replacement is possible even in the presence of any damage. If they do not interfere with the replacement of the board, then everything will be okay, and if they interfere, the owner will have to pay for repairs of a specific damage, but the board will still be replaced for free.

Apple does not announce this issue. The company probably believes that it concerns a very small number of devices.