Ming-Chi Kuo: Apple is preparing a new keyboard for MacBook Air and Pro. And this is not a “butterfly”

The butterfly keyboard has become the talk of the town and almost the main argument why MacBooks lose to Windows laptops. Introduced in 2015, the keyboard fell in love … As long as it did not break, and the keys did not stick.

The last iteration of the butterfly was shown in the new MacBook Air. And, it seems, thanks to the new seals, it has ceased to stick. But Joanna Stern of The Wall Street Journal did not agree with Apple, having written a crushing text that the clave on her new “Air” was awfully sticking. This text is written as if the mistakes made by the sticky keys were not corrected.

According to Apple’s analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, this year the MacBook Air will receive an updated keyboard. Details about it is not so much. It is known only that a scissors mechanism is used. Because of it, the keystroke will be longer than that of the “butterflies”.

At the same time, the new keyboard in production will be cheaper than a butterfly, but more expensive than the usual switches used on other laptops. It is probably a matter of fiberglass that will be used in the production of this keyboard.

While it is known about two laptops that will get new keyboards: MacBook Air 2019, and also MacBook Pro, which will get the keyboard “scissors” not earlier than 2020. But who knows, maybe the new 16-inch MacBook Pro will also receive a new keyboard?