Data Backup

Online Backup


Online Backup Solution from Echo IT Ltd

What is Echo.Cloud?

Echo.Cloud is the online backup solution from Echo IT Ltd. It backs up all your critical business data to 3 locations to ensure your data is secure. This is all done automatically every day so you are not relying on someone to remember to run the backup.


Where is it backed up to?

Your data is backed up to 3 locations. Firstly all your data is backed up to an Onsite Storage Unit, located on your premises. This will protect against loss of data in the majority of cases. The data is also backed up to 2 Irish data centres which operate to the highest international standards.


How does it works?

Echo IT Ltd install and configure software on your server or other PCs/laptop that need backup. This software then interacts with your Onsite Storage Unit and the Offsite data centres to securely backup your data at the required intervals (usually daily but can be configured to more regular if required)


What are the benefits of Echo.Cloud?

  • Fully Automated
  • Reliable
  • Protection against theft/fire/flooding of your premises.
  • Fully Secure
  • Data can be quickly and easily restored
  • No Tapes to be changed every day!


Echo.Cloud Plans

We have devised 3 basic plans that will cover most business needs at completive prices.  However if your requirements are different, we can tailor our plans to suit your needs.


Backup Plan Bronze  Silver Gold
Storage Quota
Standard 20GB 40GB 80GB
Additional GB/month
Office Files (Word, excel etc), basic payroll & accounts. Yes Yes Yes
Exchange Database No Yes Yes
SQL Database No Yes Yes
Backup of Additional Machines on same site Yes Yes Yes
Daily Email Reports Yes Yes Yes
Mailbox Level backup