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Echo Systems

Echo Systems is a subsidiary of Echo IT Ltd providing high-speed “last mile” broadband across to customers throughout Ireland. Echo Systems is a fully registered Internet Service Provider with ComReg in Ireland. We have several different options available to suit your individual needs.

Fixed Wireless

We are a Fixed Wireless broadband provider, providing broadband without the need for a phoneline. Through cutting edge wireless technology, we can provide broadband throughout the Tipperary region. We have various packages available to suit every individual`s needs, with no contract and no usage caps.


WLL -Wireless Leased Line

This is option needed if you are in a remote area and need a dedicated internet service to run your company. It is a licensed link that has ample speeds for SME’s and is stable so that your infrastructure is solid.


A Very-high-bitrate Digital Subscriber Line service is currently being rolled out throughout the country with speeds of up to 100mb currently available in some areas Click here for more


If VDSL is not available in your area yet you can still avail of a broadband connection over your existing phoneline, with speeds of up to 24mb available in some areas Click here for more

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