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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft azure is a cloud computing service that provides customers with peace of mind knowing their workloads are protected from disasters without having to build and maintain a secondary data centre or rely exclusively on backup. Azure delivers cloud services that extend to your data centre to protect your infrastructure.

As long-time established cloud partners Echo IT is proficient in managing all the above Microsoft services.


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Ehance the scalability, agility and efficiency of your environment

Efficiency & Agility

Gain operational efficiency and agility, scaling as needed and meeting growing data demands without continually purchasing infrastructure and storage. reduce the time and cost of hardware refreshes and technology platform changes. 

Data Protection

Strengthen data protection by automating data security such as advanced encryption and network firewall support. Ensure you are meeting compliance requirements with up to date data protection. 

Management Ease

Reduce IT management complexity by enabling cloud benefits  with minimal disruption, keeping your existing backup solutions. decrease time spent on capacity planning and on premises storage.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Azure Backup

Be confident knowing that your data is reliable, compliant, and well-protected with Azure data governance and security innovations. 

Microsoft Azure Backup helps you retain rapidly increasing amounts of data while keeping your storage costs low. it makes it easy for you to backup and restore your most important information when the unexpected happens. As ransomware attacks increase built-in protection from azure keeps your data safe.

  • Simple

    Setup Azure backup for your virtual machines in three steps. Once the initial backup is completed, only incremental changes are sent based on a defined schedule. Retain your backups for as long as your compliance requirements.

  • Secure

    Built in protection against ransomware helps you protect your data from unauthorised requests to delete your backups. before ransomware has a chance to corrupt your data, you will be notified so you can save your data. 

  • Cost Effective

    Store your backups in azure instead of an offsite to reduce infrastructure costs. Pay for what you use in azure. 

Key Benefits

Microsoft Azure is a simple compliant servicefor orchestrating your disaster recover plan. 

Pay As You Go

Microsoft Azure Backup is a pay as you go service. 

Data Backup

Have the latest backup of your data when you need it. 


Support for VMware, Hyper-V, Linux, and Windows in Azure. 


Avoid managing on premises infrastructure. 


Safeguard backups from ransomware with one-click multifactor authentication.