Network Design


With Network Design we ensure that your telecommunications network is built specifically to suit your requirements. Whether it be a school, an office space or a shop we can adapt the network to your needs. By using Topological design and working closely with you we can tailor your network to reach maximum efficiency by determining where best to place the components and how to connect them.  Our engineers are with you through each stage of the process from planning to implementation and offer full support on your computer network beyond setup.

Using Network-synthesis we can determine the size of components required to meet the performance demands such as the Grade of Service (GOS).

Through Network realisation we establish how to meet capacity requirements and ensure stability within the network. To achieve this, we collate all information in relation to demand, cost and reliability and use this information to calculate a physical circuit plan.

Network Design is pivotal to ensuring a competitive advantage as well designed networks allows your business to run more efficiently and effectively.


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