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Support Contract

For many companies it is not feasible to have their own IT department. With an Echo IT support contract we can look after all your company’s IT needs and provide telephone and remote login support as well as onsite maintenance of your IT equipment.


All services are optional and are chosen based on needs and budget.


Based on our experience we structure the support levels as follows:


Phone support – You have the service of having one of our technicians answer your phone call and attend to your request. We have a maximum response time of four hours but in reality any one of our technicians will resolve your issue there and then or promptly call you back. It’s in our interest to resolve your problem promptly and correctly.


Login Support – In the event that the issue cannot be resolved by communicating with the end user over the phone, we offer a remote login service that allows us with your permission to temporarily take control of the situation and fix the problem.


Backup Support – In business people’s information is their livelihood and we provide the service of monitoring the backup of that information. Echo IT will ensure that your information is safe both on and off site. We have different procedures based on budget that ensure data is safe and we specifically attempt to make you aware of your data needs and assist you in that area. This is critical and cannot be understated.


Hardware/Software Cover – This option is normally chosen when we supply the machines to your business and we replace and hardware or software that fails. It is difficult for us to evaluate a costing on existing machines but we do cover them if the client requires. We prefer to offer preventative maintenance and avoid unexpected failures.


Preventative Maintenance – Echo IT will maintain your business Servers and PC’s and prevent unexpected disasters that cause problems for all involved.


Sage Cover – Echo IT is Sage Business Partners and provides a full Sage Service


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