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Cyber Security is Vital to all kinds of Businesses Big or Small

Cyber Security is an absolute necessity for all kinds of businesses, regardless of size. The potential damages that cyber threats can inflict on companies, small and bigger ones, are immense and can devastate their operations and especially their reputation. Cybercriminals target businesses with various malicious activities, such as data breaches, ransomware attacks, and financial fraud, aiming to steal sensitive information or disrupt operations.

As a leading cyber security solutions provider in Tipperary and across Ireland, We are dedicated to protecting businesses of all sizes from the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats. Our comprehensive cyber security services, including cutting-edge cloud security and network security, ensure that your sensitive information remains safeguarded against any potential threats lurking.

Our Cyber Security Services

Echo IT offers a comprehensive suite of cyber security services to protect your company always.  We assess your site for potential vulnerabilities, provide mitigation strategies and provide no-nonsense but professional guidance to secure your business data.

Certified Security Analysis

Certified with Security certifications from Cisco, Veeam, ESET. Deal with Security professionals.

Operate 24/7

Our cyber security services rely on machine learning and intelligent software backed by professional analysis.

Partnered with Microsoft & Fortify

Partnered with Microsoft, Fortify, Malware Bytes & ESET to mitigate all the everyday scenarios that companies are finding themselves in.

Zero-Day Threats

We can monitor the activity on your network and responds to any odd behaviour that may be occurring ensuring the safety of your business data should issues arise.

Employee Training for Cyber Security

We train your staff to educate them and reduce the chances of falling victim to cybercrimes. It is common that owner or managers who are putting in longer hours make the fatal mistake in opening the door their computer network.

Social Engineering

We must prepare for the absolute eventuality of someone within your organization making an error of judgement which will compromise your network.

What the Experts Say...

Statistics prove that it is not a case of if you get compromised but when, and the protocols for handling that situation must be in place prior to any breach. Criminals are ever evolving as technology changes so we must prepare for the situation to handle the outcomes. There is no silver bullet to prevent cyber fraud. It is a combination of technology, education and vigilance that gives the best results.

Protecting Your Business with Our Cyber Security Consulting Services

At Echo IT, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of cyber security services. As certified Security Analysts, our expertise is proven with certifications from industry leaders such as Cisco, Veeam, and ESET, assuring you that your digital assets are in capable hands. Our cyber security consulting services are designed to be your shield protecting your business against potential cyber risks. With meticulous assessments of your digital infrastructure, we develop tailored security strategies that align precisely with your unique business needs. Trust us to stay one step ahead of cyber threats, so you can focus on what matters most - growing your business with confidence.

But our commitment doesn't end there. We understand that your employees are your first line of defence, which is why we offer comprehensive training programs covering cyber security training and social engineering defence. Empowering your workforce to proactively tackle cyber threats and protect your business from within. As an ISO 27001 accredited cyber security provider, we adhere to the strictest data security standards, ensuring the utmost confidentiality and integrity of your critical information. With Echo IT as your trusted partner, rest assured that you have the cutting-edge protection your business deserves.

Cyber Security Consulting Services

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